Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Crew!

Crew is a big commitment and a lot of work, but we are confident that you and your son will find it well worth the effort on both your parts. As with anything else, your son will find that the more he puts into it, the more he will get out of it. Our program creates well-rounded athletes and young men--while the athletes and sportsmen are trained on the water, the training continues off the water--you will witness your son grow, not only in fitness and rowing skill, but also in focus, responsibility, and accountability during his time on the squad.

We know that there are a lot of questions that arise as you and your son become involved with a new activity. This guide is intended to help you with that—the goal is to provide information that you may need early-on as we gear up for the new rowing season and you and your son become adjusted to this new activity. We will be providing a more extensive handbook later in the season that provides more information about the sport of rowing itself, to help you understand this new language that your son is speaking, the equipment, aspects of rowing, information about the races, etc.; however, we believe that this Quick Start Guide will provide the nuts and bolts that you need to get started.

We hope that involvement with Central Catholic Crew will be an incredible experience for you and your rower or coxswain. Each year we are fortunate to continue to attract kids who are wonderful human beings, who show great commitment to the sport, who inspire us with their athletic performance and their sportsmanship, and who respect the fine traditions of rowing. We are proud to support them in whatever way we can and look forward to working with you in that endeavor. There are plenty of opportunities to participate and to volunteer your time and talents to make this a wonderful and worthwhile experience for our boys. Please jump in and help wherever you can. Attendance at regattas is welcome and encouraged, and most people say they find the Crew parents to be particularly friendly and helpful to one another. We look forward to getting to know you and your son, too.

Central Catholic Crew Board of Directors