Everyone is expected to participate in the Club’s fundraising efforts.

Our fundraisers historically provide 18% of the Club’s total annual budget.

From time to time, new fundraising events are added when additional club funds are needed.

The Fundraising Committee is always looking for new fundraising ideas; if you have any ideas, we would love to hear them.

The Fundraising Committee’s annual fundraising events include:

  1. Irish Night: Irish Night is a memorial event by the Foley family in honor of their son, Brendan, who was a member of Central's Crew Club. This event is held in Central's auditorium near St. Patrick’s Day and features Irish music and dancing. Revenue is raised through ticket sales, program ads, 50-50 drawings, etc. Proceeds from this event are used for the purchase and upkeep of the Club’s equipment. Each athlete is required to sell at least $100 worth of ads for the Irish Night program. Those athletes not meeting this obligation will be invoiced for payment of the $100 obligation. More information about this fundraiser will be communicated closer to the event.
  2. 50-50 Lottery: We hold two lotteries each year: fall season and spring season. We issue 1,000 tickets that are divided equally between all crew families. Winners are determined by the evening PA lottery drawing and the actual dollar amount is provided on a pre-defined schedule. Tickets sell for $5 each. Participation is mandatory for all crew families.
  3. Car Wash: Expect to participate in two car washes in the fall and two car washes in the spring. Details will be provided as to location and dates. These fundraisers are mandatory for the rowers, and parent oversight and assistance is required. A parent Car Wash Coordinator will be identified at the beginning of the fall season.
  4. Halfway to Irish Night: This event is held in October as a joint fundraiser with Oakland Catholic Rowing. Revenue is raised through "Cash Bash" raffle ticket sales, auction prizes and a percentage of the food proceeds. This is a mandatory fundraiser. Each rower is required to sell $100 in raffle tickets and are encouraged to contribute to the auction prizes.
  5. CCHS Fall Magazine Sale: When all crew members sell their magazine quota, the Club receives a cash payment from the school. This amount is incorporated into the Crew budget and is included in the determination of the amount of dues charged.