Offset Crew Dues by Volunteering at Heinz Field

You may volunteer to work as part of a fundraising effort with other Central and Oakland Catholic parent groups; this activity consists of working at a concession stand at Heinz Field.

Funds that you raise by your time working there can be used to offset your son’s crew dues.

The work involves preparing food, stocking and taking inventory of the stand, making sure the stand is clean and up to standards, serving food and drinks, and using a cash register.

The report time for the games is normally four hours prior to kick-off. An 8pm game, for example, would require that you arrive at Heinz Field by 4pm; you may get there on your own (and pay your own parking fee) or join the carpool that leaves from Oakland Catholic High School and not pay for parking. The carpool normally leaves about 45 minutes before report time.

The end of the day depends on when the game finishes and how quickly the stand can be closed down. It’s usually an 8-10 hour commitment, during which you are on your feet essentially all of the time.

Working at Heinz Field is possible from June (summer concerts, other events) through the end of the University of Pittsburgh and Steelers’ seasons, including any play-off games which take place in Pittsburgh.

Two Aramark training courses (provided free of charge) are required in order to work in the concession stand: A) TEAM Training, which deals with serving beer (valid for three years), and B) food service/customer service training (valid for one year).

The dress code when working at Heinz Field is khaki long pants, a black t-shirt/sweatshirt (sometimes both in the winter!!), comfortable close-toed shoes, a hat, and an Aramark shirt or jacket, depending on the weather (the hat, shirt and jacket are supplied by Aramark).

Eligibility requirements for working at Heinz Field are as follows:

  1. age 18 or older
  2. being up-to-date on the two trainings.

Other family members and friends can work for a rower if they meet the eligibility requirements and there is space available.

All parents of rowers will be sent an email regarding working at Heinz Field.

For anyone who meets the eligibility requirements, invitations will be sent via email to sign-up for as many specific games/events as desired. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: if you sign up for a game or event, you must work that game/event or find a replacement. There is often a waitlist for any given game or event; in those cases, people on the waitlist will be given first opportunity to fill in for you. If no one on the waitlist can work or if there is no waitlist, you must find your own replacement or you will be charged a $100 fee if you do not show for the game/event (we are assessed $100 by Aramark if we do not have enough workers). Without enough people to work the stand, we risk losing the stand and this opportunity.

Proceeds from this fundraising effort can be significant and are calculated based on a fixed amount for each game scaled by the number of individuals working. In the past, this has been $75-$100 per person per game/event. The funds that are earned are sent directly to the Club treasurer and credited to each worker’s son’s crew account. These funds can be used for:

  1. Payment of Crew dues, including meeting fundraising requirements of some other mandatory fundraisers such as Irish Night (they cannot be used for the lottery)
  2. Travel and lodging expenses incurred by rowers participating in “invitation only” events (this includes SRAA Nationals, Youth Nationals, and Head of the Charles Regattas).

You may carry over amounts remaining in one year to your son’s account for the following year. If the rower does not return to crew for any reason (including graduation from CCHS), any excess funds in the rower’s account will be turned over to the Crew Board to use as-needed.

Note also:

  • It is possible for the rower to maintain funds in his account if the he does not return to crew for one season. For instance, if the rower raises funds as a sophomore, but does not row during the spring season as a sophomore, the funds can be held until the fall season of his junior year. To do this, the Crew Board must receive a letter of intent to return from the rower’s parent/guardian, informing the Crew Board that the funds should be held in the rower’s name and stating the date the rower will return to Crew.
  • The funds cannot be transferred to another rower. The exception to this is that the funds can be transferred to a sibling of the rower who is also on the squad.
  • The funds cannot be used to purchase crew clothing/merchandise, banquet tickets or for any parent/family expenses.
  • The funds cannot be used to cover expenses from another CCHS organization participating in the Heinz Field fundraiser. For instance, funds earned as a Crew Parent cannot be used to pay for Band expenses. However, parents can designate, in advance of an event that they are working at Heinz Field, to which organization they would like the proceeds from that event to be dispersed, and in that way can haveproceeds benefit both organizations in a single season. Once funds from a game are dispersed, they stay with the organization.