Travel & Lodging

The Crew Travel Coordinator will make hotel reservations for, races that require an overnight stay, for the following individuals: Coaches, individuals driving the vehicle that pulls the boat trailer, individuals driving the vehicle that pulls the box/equipment trailer, chairperson handling the food and beverage preparation, and individuals chaperoning/transporting the oarsmen.

Rooms will not be reserved by the team Travel Coordinator for parents or an individual traveling on their own. You are responsible for reserving rooms in your name and payment for those rooms. Information regarding the team hotel will be provided prior to the trip so that you may make your own reservations at the team hotel if you are interested in doing so.


  1. An email will be sent for each OVERNIGHT race asking for chaperones.
  2. Chaperones will drive oarsmen and/or act as navigator.
  3. Chaperones will be assigned as needed to make certain that all boys have ample supervision.
  4. If you volunteer to be a chaperone, you are expected to serve as chaperone for the duration of the trip. This includes duties such as hallway monitoring at the hotel, driving to and from hotel and race site, and ensuring the boys follow the approved schedule for trips.
  5. Chaperones must agree to remain with the boys at all times.
  6. Alcohol is not to be consumed by those chaperoning.

If you are not chosen to chaperone for a particular overnight race, you still have the option to come to the race –and are strongly encouraged to do so – but you will be responsible for your own room reservations and expenses.

Chaperone Clearances
In accordance with Central Catholic School policy, all chaperones MUST register for the Diocesan database, get the appropriate Child Abuse and FBI Clearances, and attend Protecting Gods Children and the code of Pastoral Conduct sessions. These sessions are held throughout the diocese; the schedule can be found on the diocesan website The application for the child abuse clearance and the FBI information can be obtained at Central . If you are not in the database or have not gotten the required clearances, you will not be permitted to drive the team to any events or to chaperone. Note that Brother Bob reserves the right to refuse permission for any given person to chaperone or drive the team.

How to register for the Diocesan database:
You will be prompted for a password. The password is “protect”. It is easy to create your file in the diocesan database of parish and/or school employees and volunteers who have contact with minors: Log on to the website for the Diocese of Pittsburgh at and follow the instructions.