Requirements for Participation

Physical Examination: A yearly physical examination is required. The physical form must be completed and submitted to the Secretary prior to participation. The Secretary will provide the original to the school nurse and keep a copy for the team’s files.

Emergency Medical Authorization: Each athlete’s parents or guardian(s) shall complete an Emergency Medical Authorization Form giving permission for treatment by a physician or hospital when the parent(s)/guardian(s) are not available. The form will be kept in the medical kit for availability at all practices and regattas.
Swim Test : Everyone must (1) take a swim test before going on the water for the first time or, in the interim, (2) wear a US Coast Guard approved flotation device at all times while on the water.

Acknowledgment of Athletic Policies: Both the rowers and their parent(s)/guardian(s) must review and acknowledge acceptance of the policies of the Central Catholic athletic program and the Central Crew program. A signed copy of the Commitment to the Codes of Conduct must be submitted within three weeks of the start of practices.

Insurance: Central Catholic High School does not carry insurance to cover student athletic injuries. Parents need to provide proof of insurance as required on the PIAA forms.

Scholastic Eligibility: In Order to participate on a Central Catholic athletic team, each athlete must satisfy all Central Catholic scholastic eligibility requirements prior to participation.

School Discipline Referral: Any student-athlete referred to an administrator or the coach for a school rules violation may be denied the privilege of participation in all athletic activities for a period/as determined by the Head Coach, VP of Student Affairs, or Principal.

Financial Obligations: Each rower must meet all financial obligations in terms of Dues and participation in Fundraisers.