Allegheny Boat Race

November 12, 2016


  • Three Rivers Rowing Association (TRRA) Juniors
  • TRRA Masters Men
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • St. Ignatius
  • Oakland Catholic
  • Fox Chapel

The Weigh-In® and The Rolling of the 'Dice® tentatively scheduled for 7PM Friday, November 14 in the Millvale Boat Shed.

Welcome to the 10th annual running of the Allegheny Boat Race between the Fox Chapel High School Boys’ Crew and the Central Catholic High School Crew.  


One day after practice, Fox Chapel coach Jay Skuban, a former Yale heavyweight, and Central Coach Jay Hammond, a former Harvard heavyweight, came up with the idea of an annual race between the clubs.

Established in 2005 between Fox Chapel and Central Catholic  to replicate some of the greatest traditions in American collegiate racing, the Allegheny Boat Race is a test of rowing skill and fortitude held each fall on the mighty Allegheny, one of the nation’s greatest rivers. 


For the 7th year in a row, the Three Rivers Rowing Association Juniors will be represented this year; and for the 7th time in the event’s history, the University of Pittsburgh will compete as well.  For the first time in the event’s history, this year’s race will feature entrants from a non-Pittsburgh crew, with St. Ignatius High School from Cleveland, Ohio competing in 4 events.  The Oakland Catholic varsity will also compete against the Central Catholic 5th Varsity in the 2-mile race.  The crews entered by each program are listed in the Schedule section below.  Each of the respective programs sees itself as having the fastest crews in Pittsburgh-Cleveland corridor, and the 2015 Allegheny Boat Race will show which one is right!

In keeping with established American collegiate racing traditions (the Harvard-Yale Race in particular), the different crews will race one another over different distances, with the course being longer for the faster crews: high school Freshman and Novice Boats race each other over the 1500-meter course; 3rd, 4th and 5th Varsity Boats, as well as boats manned by underclass high-schoolers in the case of Fox Chapel, race one another over the 2-mile course.  2nd Varsity Boats (and the Pitt First Novice Boat) race each other over the 3-mile course; and 1st Varsity Boats race each other over the 4-mile course.  Borrowing a page from British college racing (the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race), crews start side-by-side but are permitted to drive into their opponents’ lanes once clear ahead.  Furthermore, and also in keeping with established American collegiate racing traditions, the boys high school crews have wagered the shirts off their backs on the outcome of the racing, with the winners of each race taking the shirts of the losers. 

Launch info for spectators

Spectating by parents and others is very much welcome. 

All Fox Chapel, Central, and St. Ignatius crews will launch from the Millvale Boat House and Three Rivers Rowing and Pitt will launch from Washington’s Landing (see Schedule below).  Spectators are encouraged to see their crews off the dock and then make their way to Herr’s Island under the 31st Bridge to see the finish of each race.  There will be spectator launches which will have a limited number of seats available for spectators who wish to watch the racing from the water (see Schedule below). 

Space on the spectator launches is first-come, first-served. 

Spectators should dress warmly (it is typically much colder on the water than on land).  Spectator launches will leave Millvale at the same time as the shells for each race – which will be 35 minutes prior to race time.  Spectators should arrive around 0600

The one exception is for the 2-mile Race C (CC5V vs. OC1V) – here Isabella will swing by the Millvale dock at 0705 to discharge 2-mile Race B spectators and pick up Race C spectators.


There will be an award presentation at the Millvale Boat House following the conclusion of racing (see below) at which time the coveted Hammer Trophies (28 oz. down to 16 oz.) will be awarded and shirts handed over (if not done already on the water); parents and others are very much welcome at the award presentation.



Time Event Crews Start/Chase Spectator Launch Comments
0545 Coaches/Coxswains Meeting at Millvale All N/A N/A This should be concluded by 0600.
0645 3-Mile Race Start CC2V, SI2V, PITT1N[, MM1V] Will Massimini in Pitt launch Justin O’Connor in Ecclesia Matrix
Departs at 0610 from Millvale
This race should conclude by 0700
2-Mile Race A Start CC4V, SI4V Isabella Norcini in Oakland Launch [TBD – may be that spectators ride with Isabella]
Departs at 0610 from Millvale
This race should conclude by 0655.
0655 2-Mile Race B Start CC3V, SI3V, FC1V[, MM2V] Mark Bellinger in FC Launch Nick Rielly in Mjollnir 
Departs at 0620 from Millvale
This race should conclude by 0705.
0700 4-Mile Race Start CC1V, SI1V, TRJR1V, PITT1V Steve McCarthy in TRRA Launch

Jay Hammond in Drakkar;
Departs at 0625 from Millvale

Andrew Cox in Pitt Launch
Departs at 0625 from Washington's Landing

This race should conclude by 0720.
0705 1500m Race Start CC1F, [SI1F, ] TRJR1N, CC2F, CC3F Aaron Lucia in Death Star Phil Bohn in Blue Stocking
Departs at 0630 from Millvale
This race should conclude by 0710.
0715 2-Mile Race C Start CC5V, OC1V Joe Mariuzza in Oakland Launch Isabella Norcini in Oakland Launch
Departs at 0705 from Millvale
This race should conclude by 0725.

CC=Central Catholic; FC=Fox Chapel; MM=TRRA Masters Men; OC=Oakland Catholic; PITT=University of Pittsburgh; SI=St. Ignatius; TRJR=Three Rivers Junior Rowing

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TRRA Millvale Boathouse
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